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We're changing the wedding dress industry for today's modern bride. Join us in the movement.

At Borrowing Magnolia, we’re real women who want you to feel extraordinary on your wedding day, and we’re here to help make that happen. We realize that both brides and women who own wedding dresses have a unique opportunity to help each other.

Borrowing Magnolia is a digital brokerage service for wedding dresses - we broker rentals and sales between dress owners and brides-to-be. We utilize technology and the share-economy to answer an unmet need in the market for both the modern bride and former brides. We have also developed a proprietary fit technology, MyFit, which uses basic information about a woman to match her to wedding dresses in our collection that will fit with a high degree of accuracy, resulting in an e-commerce shopping experience where traditional sizing becomes obsolete.

At Borrowing Magnolia, we get it: women appreciate the simple, straightforward and practical approach to not only finding the right dress, but also providing a place where your wedding dress can continue on a journey to fulfill other bride's dreams of looking stunningly perfect on their wedding day. Launched in 2014, Borrowing Magnolia is projected to have over 1500 dresses included in the collection by the end of the year.


Co-founders Ashley Steele and Cali Brutz have been pioneers in the wedding and event industry for years, but it was actually their differing personal experiences that launched the idea for Borrowing Magnolia. When the company began, Cali was a recent newlywed and wasn't sure where to store her designer gown, and if she wanted to keep it at all. Ashley, who was married over eight years ago, hadn't seen her designer wedding gown since it was stored somewhere in a box in her attic years ago. The dilemma the two women were in, coupled with the remembrance of searching to find the perfect dress while also wanting to be conscientious and diligent with their wedding budget, led them to create Borrowing Magnolia.

Tyler Ewing joined the team as CEO in 2016, having previously served as a Principal with a global consulting company. Tyler holds the same passion as Cali and Ashley to help women have a memorable experience finding the perfect dress at a reasonable price, but more importantly, on the bride's schedule and with minimal effort.

Ashley Steele and Cali Brutz, who are sisters, are also the founders and co-owners of (once like a spark) photography, a national wedding photography collaborative.

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